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Masonry Restoration Projects

Examples of our recent projects. We are pleased to have provided materials and services for some of the area's most important historic buildings.

Recent Restoration Highlights

Our Recent Projects Include:


Jeffery Towers, Chicago, IL

Bulk delivery of lime mortar via silo system (2015)


Lincoln Park Fieldhouse, Chicago, IL

Custom colored mortar (2015)


The Monadnock Building, Chicago, IL

Mortar testing and analysis (2015)


Fischer Building, Chicago, IL

Custom terra cotta patching and coatings (2015)


Old Colony Building, Chicago, IL

Stone repair and masonry cleaning materials (2015)


Mayslake Peabody Estate, Oakbrook, IL

Custom matched stucco (2015)


Governor’s Mansion, Virginia

Custom matched mortar (2014)


Emil Bach House, Chicago, IL

Custom matched mortar and plaster (2014)


Berger Park Cultural Center, Chicago, IL

Mortar testing and analysis, custom matched mortar  (2014)