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Masonry Restoration Projects

Examples of our recent projects. We are pleased to have provided materials and services for some of the area's most important historic buildings.

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Recent Restoration Highlights

Our Recent Projects Include: 

  • Batavia City Hall, Batavia, IL : Custom blended mortar (2017)
  • Fischer Building, Chicago, ILCustom terra cotta patching and coatings (2015)

  • The Mayfair Building, Chicago, IL: Custom Keim mineral silicate coating (2016)
  • Old Colony Building, Chicago, IL: Stone repair and masonry cleaning materials (2015)
  • Unity Temple, Oak Park, IL Custom blended plaster sand and custom concrete floor material (2016-2017)

  • Rosenwald Apartments, Chicago, IL: Custom matched mortar (2015)
  • The Monadnock Building, Chicago, ILMortar testing and analysis (2015)

  • Davis Theater, Chicago, IL: Custom Keim mineral silicate coating (2016)
  • Governor’s Mansion, Virginia: Custom matched mortar (2014)
  • Michigan State Capitol, Lansing, MI : Custom blended lime plaster (2016)
  • Berger Park Cultural Center, Chicago, IL: Mortar testing and analysis, custom matched mortar  (2014)
  • Racine City Hall, Racine, WI : Custom blended mortar (2016)
  • Emil Bach House, Chicago, IL: Custom matched mortar and plaster (2014)

  • Lincoln Park Fieldhouse, Chicago, IL: Custom colored mortar (2015)
  • Mayslake Peabody Estate, Oakbrook, IL: Custom matched stucco (2015)
  • Jeffery Towers, Chicago, IL: Bulk delivery of lime mortar via silo system (2015)