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Lime Mortar Uses

These are a few of our favorite resources for research and information. We are continuing to update the list.

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Historic Masonry Information Resources

Lime Mortars


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The Short Course on Historic Mortar | Tschoepe, Ray | Old-House Journal

Lime: The Basics | Taylor, Jonathan | buildingconservation.com

Why Use Lime? | Building Limes Forum

Scottish Lime Centre | An organization that promotes the knowledge and traditional skills required for the conservation, repair and maintenance of the historic built environment

#2 Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic Buildings



Additional National Park Service Preservation Briefs on Masonry:


#1 Assessing Cleaning and Water-Repellent Treatments for Historic Masonry Buildings

#6 Dangers of Abrasive Cleaning to Historic Buildings

#15 Preservation of Historic Concrete

#22 The Preservation and Repair of Historic Stucco

#38 Removing Graffiti from Historic Masonry



Historic Publications:


Observations on Limes, Calcareous Cements, Mortars, Stuccos and Concrete (1838) Pasley, Sir William Charles

A practical and scientific treatise on calcareous mortars and cements  (1837) Vicat, L.J

The New and Improved Practical Builder: Masonery, bricklaying, plastering (1837) Nicholson, Peter

The Story of John Smeaton and the Eddystone Lighthouse (1882)



Trade Journals:


The Brickbuilder| A trade publication that ran from 1892-1916

Concrete and Constructional Engineering | A trade publication that ran from 1906-1966



Terra Cotta Resources:


Organizations & Companies

Friends of Terra Cotta |  They offer a searchable database of citations for terra cotta articles.

Gladding, McBean | Terra cotta manufacturer founded in 1875

Boston Valley | Terra cotta manufacturer


Searchable Databases:

JSTOR | Collection of scholarly articles on a wide range of topics. It’s now available remotely by logging into the Chicago Public Library with your library card. http://www.chipublib.org or through APTI.org. (Members only)

Library of Congress | www.loc.gov (HABS/HAER drawings as well as architectural photos and industry publications)


Specialized Periodicals:

Atlantic Terra Cotta| Monthly journal of the Atlantic Terra Cotta Company | 1913-1926 (select volumes)

The Brickbuilder was published from 1892 until 1916. In 1917 it was folded into Architectural Forum. The Brickbuilder had many articles about terra cotta, although it frequently called it “burnt clay.” The following editions can be downloaded:

The Clay-Worker | 1887-1919 (select volumes)

Fireproof Magazine | 1902-1907 (select volumes)


Books, Articles, Etc.:

Boston Valley | Boston Valley Common Terminology | (compiled from other references)

Davis, Charles Thomas| A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Brick, Tile, and Terra Cotta | 1895

National Park Service Preservation Brief #7 “The Preservation of Historic Terra Cotta

National Terra Cotta Society | Terra Cotta Architectural Terra Cotta: Standard Construction |1914

National Terra Cotta Society | Terra Cotta Standard Construction | 1927

Smithsonian Institute’s Bibliography of Ceramic Tile and Architectural Terra Cotta| http://www.si.edu/Encyclopedia_SI/nmah/ceratile.htm

National Register of Historic Places Research Page | A comprehensive overview of the National Register program and listed sites.

Old-House Journal | The original preservation and restoration magazine for owners of historic houses.

The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards | The guiding concepts for the treatment of historic properties

APT Building technology Heritage Library | Pre-1964 collection of building resources

Historic American Building Survey | Documentation of many historic sites throughout the country



Landmarks Illinois | Statewide preservation advocacy organization

Preservation Chicago | Chicago-focused preservation advocacy organization=

Historic Chicago Bungalow Association| A nonprofit group that helps owners maintain and preserve their Chicago bungalows

Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago | A nonprofit dedicated to neighborhood revitalization that assists homeowners and communities

Partners for Sacred Places | A national nonprofit (with a Chicago office) that takes a multifaceted approach to helping congregations preserve their buildings

Association for Preservation Technology Great Lakes Western Chapter | Regional chapter of the national preservation professional organization.


Research Resources:

Explore Chicago | Consolidated access to many of the area’s archival resources

City of Chicago Historic Survey | The city’s inventory of historically significant resources

Chicago Landmarks |City historic structures and districts