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About KEIM

With his invention of silicate coating systems in 1878, Adolf Wilhelm Keim founded the company which today is known worldwide as the leading specialist in mineral architectural protection systems providing sustainable solutions. KEIM is a specialist among generalists: in their specific field of “mineral silicate architectural protection systems,” they supply highly developed comprehensive solutions for exterior and interior surfaces.

About KEIM Products

Using a combination of potassium and sol silicate, 100% inorganic, mineral pigments and fillers, KEIM offers superior bond strength while maintaining the highest levels of vapor permeability and color stability. Innovation is also part of KEIM’s history. In 2002, what is now the third generation of mineral silicate paints, revolutionized exterior historic coatings by using a sol-silicate binder. This combination of silica sol and potassium silicate not only provides bonding by silicification to mineral surfaces, but builds strong adhesive forces to previously painted, organic paints. This nanoparticle technology penetrates latex paint films to bond deep within the existing paint system and is the ideal repaint system when existing coatings cannot be removed.

KEIM Products

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In addition to being a KEIM distributor for Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin we have onsite restoration lab that can assist you with difficult restoration projects. We develop application techniques and special blends to replicate terracotta, stone, and we can perform the application for contractors.


To obtain a quote for KEIM products, please contact Randy Sabo, Outside Sales, at 312-833-5519 or at rsabo@hfsmaterials.com.

Keim Mineral Coatings