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Historic Masonry Consulting

Henry Frerk Sons provides a full range of masonry restoration services that complements our extensive line of historic mortars and specialty repair products including:

  • custom material matching and blending
  • custom color matching
  • material testing and analysis
  • onsite technical support, training and consulting

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Restoration Services

We have partnered with a nationally renowned testing lab to provide a comprehensive range of advanced material testing, which we supplement with our analysis and replacement recommendations.    


As part of our service, we will free sample extraction (within the Chicago-area), and we will prepare and submit the sample for testing. Once the lab has completed the tests and provided a report, we review and analyze the data to identify the original material and make scientifically-based restoration recommendations. In order to make the most accurate restoration recommendations, we’ve run ASTM C-1324 tests on our entire line of historic mortars, so we can compare performance characteristics of the original with replacement products and identify the most suitable option.


With the exception of ASTM C-1324, these tests generally have to be performed in some combination in order to yield useful information. We will be happy to work with you to develop the test matrix that best suits your project.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for for most testing procedures. The lead time may be longer during times of peak demand.

When it comes to replicating historic masonry materials such as original mortars, stuccos, and terracotta glazes, we offer unmatched commitment to accuracy and attention to detail, so you can be assured that we will produce the best possible restoration materials for your project.


We take the findings of material tests to produce custom historic restoration mortar and stucco to match the original in both performance and appearance. We’ve run ASTM C-1324 tests on our entire range of historic mortars so we can compare test results and identify a replacement formula that closely mirrors the original. And because we stock the country’s largest selection of historic mortars chances are we have what you need on hand.


In addition to matching color, we will custom blend aggregate to replicate hard-to-match mortars, stucco, and plaster. We also offer special admixtures such as mica and lime inclusions for specialized historic restoration jobs.


For jobs that don’t require special aggregate blends, we offer custom tinting for our preblended historic mortars and stuccos. If you need a color match done fast, we have over 1,000 mortar channels for our historic lime mortars, Type O, and Type N formulations to choose from, so you can bring or send in a sample for this express matching service.

We provide unmatched technical support for our customers as part of our commitment to customer service and for more in-depth projects, we offer consulting services including onsite training, mock-up installation, and quality control inspections. Our staff masonry specialist is certified to install Jahn Repair Mortar and to perform Helifix pull tests.


Education and Training


We offer a wide range of education and training options, including product certification classes for Jahn Repair Mortars, Eisenwall, BASF, and free short courses on a wide range of topics, including:


  • Terra cotta  and stone repair
  • Historic brickwork
  • Historic mortar
  • Helifix helical wall ties and masonry repair systems


We also offer free programs for universities and nonprofits. Over the past year, we have participated in:



Time permitting, we offer historic masonry sessions at no cost for local nonprofit organizations, municipal governments, and educational institutions.


Archival Research


Our Preservation Consultant has extensive experience performing archival research and we can support our customers with research services to help locate any available photographs, drawings, public records, articles, or other information to assist with a restoration project. We will also perform research to document, analyze, and replicate historic materials.