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HFS is pleased to offer Dryvit, which is the premium exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) on the market. All Dryvit finishes are formulated with superior quality and raw materials and have been thoroughly tested to perform in a wide range of expected conditions, but options exist to further enhance performance in particularly harsh or challenging environments. Dryvit is the founding product of the EIFS market, and it remains the preferred product among specifiers.




Dryvit Commercial Exterior Insulation

Dryvit offers a number of competitive advantages, including: 

  • Fade resistance: High-performance pigments are used to formulate vivid colors that would otherwise be prone to rapid UV breakdown. This state of the art technology is also VOC and APEO (Alkylphenol ethoxylates) free.
  • Elasticity: Special elastomeric and proprietary “V Rock” technology is used to provide increased flexibility and performs exceptionally well when used in finishes applied directly to stucco or other rigid surfaces.
  • Hydrophobicity: Advanced water-repellent technology minimizes dirt accumulation and helps keep the wall looking like new.
  • Mildew resistance: Dryvit’s “PMPR” technology utilizes advanced biocides for use in damp or shady environments where algae or mildew growth is likely.

The Dryvit Outsulation systems offers unlimited design flexibility to suit any architectural style, and are available with a wide range of finishes that can be customized to meet virtually any color or texture desired. These finishes include:

  • Textured Finishes: Dryvit offers numerous finish textures more commonly associated with the look of stucco, concrete, and limestone. Made from a blend of 100% acrylic polymers, high performance pigments, natural aggregates, these finishes are formulated with DPR (Dirt Pickup Resistant) chemistry. Stock Items (link to stock item breakout page)
  • AmeriStone: Ameristone is rock solid and beautiful, providing the architect and designer with a new level of durability and performance in an elegant architectural stone finish. Ameristone is a dramatic blend of natural aggregates varying in size and color, encased in a clear, 100% acrylic binder. Special Order
  • Brick Veneer: Dryvit New Brick  provides the look and feel of brick combined with all the benefits of continuous insulation that results in a highly energy efficient brick wall. Special Order
  • Custom Brick: Custom Brick offers a wide array of patterns, colors, textures and shading techniques that together can be used to make your building look exactly the way you want it to. Special Order
  • Finesse™: Finesse finish is a premixed 100% acrylic-based architectural finish which is offered in all Dryvit standard colors as well as custom colors. Finesse provides the finishing touch that adds lasting color to exterior and interior walls. Finesse includes DPR (dirt pickup resistant) chemistry that will remain clean longer after application. Special Order
  • Lymestone™: Lymestone finish is a premixed 100% acrylic based coating and is offered in standard colors as well as custom colors. Lymestone finish is designed to replicate the appearance of limestone blocks. Lymestone provides the finishing touch that adds lasting color and texture to exterior and interior walls. Lymestone finish with DPR (dirt pickup resistant) chemistry will remain cleaner longer after application. Stock Item (link to stock item breakout page)
  • Reflectit®: Reflectit finish offers a rich pearlescent look that can be used to coat other textured Dryvit finishes, or to achieve the look of a smooth metal panel. Special order
  • Stone Mist®: Stone Mist  is a natural finish that accents the environment in subtle tones and enhances any exterior or interior wall. Special aggregates pick up the natural sunlight, reflecting the glitter and beauty of the rarest of stones. Special order
  • TerraNeo®: Made from a blend of quartz, minerals, and mica, TerraNeo offers a 21st century alternative to granite that is environmentally sustainable, readily available, easy to apply, and looks fantastic! Special Order
  • Tibur Stone™: Tibur Stone  finish is a premixed 100% acrylic-based architectural finish which is offered in 12 standard colors. Tibur Stone finish is designed to provide an extremely smooth surface with the appearance of travertine stone. Special Order


Henry Frerk Sons is pleased to support this product line with field consulting, onsite training, certification classes at our Chicago workshop. We also offer custom tinting and material production. For information about our Dryvit line and support services, please contact Matt Wolf at 773-588-0800 ext. 111 or mwolf@hfsmaterials.com. We can also special order Dryvit products that may not be listed here.