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Specialty Concrete

Henry Frerk Sons has been producing site mixed concrete since 1965.  We know how important the right balance is and we've got the experience to help you get it right. Frerk provides a wide range of concrete blends as well as custom mix designs, latex modified, and extremely rapid hardening concrete (PP-5). Our unique trucks allow for greater flexibility, economy, and quality.

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  • Pay only for what you use
  • Cost effective night and weekend rates
    (NEVER a plant charge)
  • Freshest concrete available
  • DOT approved mixes
  • IDOT / CDOT witnessed calibration
  • Continuous nonstop pouring (mass pours)
  • Remote locations where ready mix plant is not available such as: rural areas, barges on lakes or rivers, etc.



Standard Concrete Mixes

  • 5 Bag – 3000 psi / 28 days
  • 6.1 Bag – 4000 / 28 days IDOT #71PCC203L
  • 7 Bag – 5000 / 28 days IDOT #71PCC209L
  • 7.8 Bag Super plastized  IDOT #71PCC213L

Latex Modified Concrete

  • Latex Modified Concrete IDOT mix # 71PCC207L
  • Illinois Department of Transportation approved
  • Illinois State Toll Highway Authority approved
  • Chicago Department of Transportation approved
  • PP-5 IDOT mix # 71PCC211L
    • 3/4” coarse aggregate
    • Full depth patching
    • Deep patches 4” +
  • PP-5M IDOT mix # 71PCC210L
    • 3/8” coarse aggregate
    • Trench run
    • Partial depth patches
  • PP-5M/LMC IDOT mix # 71PCC212L
    • 3/8” coarse aggregate
    • Latex added for superior bond strength
    • ISTHA class CA concrete, mix # 90PCC1446
  • Air entrainment
  • Accelerator (non-chloride)
  • Super Plastizer
  • Water reducer
  • Glass fibers
  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Hydration Stabilizer
  • Latex modifier


Custom Mix Contract Work

  • Unusual grouts
  • Exotic aggregates
  • Bulk bagged products
  • Truck Rental
  • Soil remediation

Volumetric Mixer Consulting

  • Interested in Latex Modified Concrete, Very High Early Concrete or volumetric mixer concrete production? Henry Frerk Sons’ team of experts, including: drivers / operators, mechanics, quality control, and supervisory staff are available worldwide. Instruction can be tailored from basic mixer operation and maintenance to thorough job site set up; advanced maintenance; adjusting for specialized mixes; and even negotiation and purchase.

Custom Historic Concrete Repair

  • Please click here to learn more about these services.

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