Current Employment Opportunities

Positions available as of October 28, 2020:


Architectural Sales Representative

Responsible for the sales growth of our exclusive custom blended historic repair materials line which includes concretes, mortars, plasters, stucco and stone repair mortars as well as Keim silicate coatings and stains.  This position will develop new business opportunities by soliciting and presenting our exclusive product lines to building owners, architects, engineers and contractors.



Building Materials Truck Driver

Responsible for the loading, transport, and delivery of building materials via gasoline or diesel-powered dump trucks, knuckle-boom trucks, flat beds and concrete mobile trucks.


Specialty Concrete Division Manager

Responsible for supporting our Specialty Concrete Division Vice President by managing, directing and supervising all aspects of on-site production of our specialty concrete mixes to maintain our high standards in quality control.  Should this employee demonstrate an aptitude for this position, they will be groomed to take over as Division Vice President upon the retirement of the current officer.