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Outsulation by Drvyit

Outsulation by Dryvit is a system that places insulation on the outside of a building and is engineered to perform in all climates and on all types of structures. We can help you find the right Outsulation system that is aesthetically pleasing, cost effective, is energy efficient, and low maintenance.

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Drvyit Outsulation

As the name suggests, Outsulation systems place insulation on the outside the building and are the most effective solution for meeting today’s energy code requirements for continuous insulation (CI). Outsulation offers a comprehensive building envelope system featuring engineered moisture drainage for incidental moisture, air and water-resistive barrier membrane, anti-crack, impact resistant scrim, and durable and seamless finish veneer that provides a range of aesthetically appealing results. Rigid insulation, such as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), can be easily cut and shaped to provide dramatic architectural details and design effects, such as reveals, quoins, cornices and trim that are much more difficult and expensive to achieve with heavier materials.

The Department of Energy (DOE) has mandated that all states comply with the ASHRAE 90.1-2010 design standard by September 26, 2016, which requires the use of continuous insulation (CI) on commercial buildings in over 90 percent of the United States. Other design standards and codes such as ASHRAE 189.1, IECC 2012, IgCC 2012; Title 24 (Section 6) and CALGreen will also require the use of CI and air barriers as they are adopted. Ultimately nearly all new commercial projects in the United States will soon require the use of an air barrier and CI as an integral part of exterior wall construction. But there is much more to Outsulation than CI alone. Outsulation systems deliver the latest in building science solutions, with benefits that include:

  • Operation energy efficiency
  • Cost effective construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Low embodied energy

All Outsulation systems include adhesive, continuous insulation (CI), fiberglass mesh embedded in base coat, and finish. These components are installed sequentially by a trained professional contractor as specified by the design team and as required by code. Some Outsulation systems protect the underlying wall with an air- and water-resistive barrier under the CI, which maximizes the energy efficiency. Outsulation systems can be installed in either “barrier,” “moisture drainage” or “pressure equalized” configurations, and these systems are engineered to perform in all climates and on all types of structures. On certain types of construction (high-rise) and in certain job conditions (cold weather), lift-in-place prefabricated walls sections may provide certain benefits.

Outsulation Systems and Applications

  1. Outsulation for use in commercial construction or over masonry.
  2. Outsulation Plus MD System for all constructive types, includes a vertical adhesive beads to facilitate moisture drainage.
  3. Outsulation MD System for all construction types, features a groove insulation board to facilitate moisture drainage.
  4. Outsulation HDCI qualifies for commercial construction and offers the most durable impact resistant CI system on the market.
  5. Outsulation X System qualifies for all construction types and features a highly energy efficient, moisture drainage system that incorporates DOW™ XNERGY™ Rigid Continuous Insulation and an air/water-resistive barrier.
  6. Outsulation LCMD System is designed for light commercial construction.
  7. Outsulation PE System incorporates the concept of pressure equalization by introducing an interlocking cavity in back of the cladding to pressurize during a wind-driven rain event.
  8. Outsulation RMD System is designed specifically for residential construction.