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Coatings & Stains

Henry Frerk Sons offers coating and stain products that enhance the durability of coated surfaces, protecting their aesthetic appearance over time. The chemical bonding of these coatings to their substrate as well as their vapor-permeability ensures that they will remain stable for years to come. Additionally, their inorganic mineral composition not only renders these paints inflammable but also allows for minimal recoating and a beautiful vibrant finish.


Our product lines are versatile and can meet various needs based on material, location, and desired look.

Learn more about all of the historic restoration coating products we carry by contacting us today!

KEIM Exclusiv

Types Of Coating And Stain Products We Offer

Henry Frerk Sons offers potassium silicate coating systems from Cathedral Stone and Keim Mineral Coatings. Protective coatings are used to make surfaces more resistant to pollutants, biological growth, and water damage. The high performance of these systems makes them great for restoration-work, murals, and interior painting.


KEIM Coating Products


Cathedral Stone Coating Products

All Coatings & Stains are custom order. To place an order, please contact John Gibbons at 312-833-5519. For technical questions, please call Elisabeth Logman at 773-231-8954 x.113.