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Pigment from Dynamic Color Solutions (DCS)

At Henry Frerk Sons, we have nearly endless color possibilities for your concrete and mortar mixtures, formulated to deliver professional-looking results that enhance the look of every application. We provide a wide range of DCS pure mineral pigments with unlimited shelf life that are readily available by the pound so you only purchase what you need.


Mortar joints account for up to 20% of surface area for brick, stone, or block walls. Colored mortar adds visual interest to new construction and it blends new repairs into old walls.  Henry Frerk Sons offers DCS pigments, which are long-lasting, quality-controlled, weather and fade-resistant. In addition to offering pigment by the pound for onsite tinting, we also offer precise preblended dry pigment colorpacks to ensure that you get a precise match and consistent results every time.

Premeasured Colorpacks

There is no secret that one-bag batching is the key to maintaining accuracy and consistency each time.  To ensure color consistency, all of Henry Frerk’s custom colorpacks are precisely measured to properly tint the preblended mortars we offer.  We have an extensive selection of available color options for our preblended lime, Type O, Type N, and Cathedral Stone Jahn Repair Mortars. We can provide you with a consistent colorpack option for every application.


Henry Frerk Sons takes pride in providing a broad range of restoration products and services, and we aim to redefine the role of a supplier by providing professional in-house analysis, consultations, and quality customer support. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in standard color charts get in touch with one of our representatives who can help you get started with our custom color matching services.


Colored Mortar Resources

Our Mortar Colors

Below are examples of the pigments we carry added to white cement at 3% so you can see a visualization of your mortar.