Technical Support and Consulting


At Henry Frerk Sons, our goal is not only to offer top-notch restoration products, but also to provide high-quality technical support services to our customers. Our Technical Support and Consulting expertise allows us to provide the best advice from the beginning of a project to construction and maintenance.


Education and Training

  • Offering a wide range of education and training options, including product certification classes for JAHN Repair Mortars & Eisenwall.
  • Free short courses on historic mortars

Specialty Repairs & Coating Applications

  • Assisting in complex JAHN repair, molding and casting projects, or custom KEIM finishing
  • Employing skilled staff to handle specialized portions of a job for you

Archival Research

  • Preservation staff with extensive experience performing archival research
  • Supporting customers with research services to help locate any available photographs, drawings, public records, articles, or other information to assist with a restoration project
  • Performing research to document, analyze, and replicate historic mortars