Mortar Blending and Matching


When it comes to replicating historic masonry materials such as original mortars, stuccos, and terracotta glazes, we offer unmatched commitment to accuracy and attention to detail, so you can be assured that we will produce the best possible restoration materials for your project.


Custom Blending and Matching Services:

  • Taking findings of material tests to produce custom historic restoration mortar and stucco to match the original in both performance and appearance
  • Comparing ASTM C1324 test results to the test data we have compiled for our replacement mortars in order to identify the most compatible replacement materials
  • Stocking the country’s largest selection of historic mortars
  • Color matching and custom blending aggregates to replicate rare and hard-to-match mortars, stucco, and plaster
  • Offering special admixtures such as mica and lime inclusions for specialized restoration jobs
  • Custom tinting for preblended historic mortars and stuccos
  • Express matching for over 1,000 mortar channels for our historic lime mortars, Type O, and Type N formulations